My Top Fitness Tunes

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The performance and outcome of my workout is definitely based on music. If I forget my headphones, you better believe I'm turning around to get them. With the right songs to get me in the right mindset, I feel as if I push myself harder and get a solid workout. With that said, here are ...

Healthy Hair

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All throughout High School and College I would either straighten or curl my hair E V E R Y D A Y. I never liked how my hair would naturally style itself. Unfortunately, years and years of damaging it (and bleaching it) has left me with awful dead ends. Since I prefer long hair and ...

Guilt-Free Snacking

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Healthy eating can be hard sometimes, especially if you're a foodie like me. When those french fries with ranch (my guilty pleasure) are staring at me, it's hard to pass it up. Snacking is an important thing to do since every health article I read tells me to eat 6-7 times a day. It's a ...

My Top Tunes

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TGIF! Here are a few songs I'm currently putting on replay. I hope you enjoy! Have a great Labor Day Weekend.   Country: Kenny Chesney - American Kids R&B: Chris Brown - X Indie Pop: Betty Who - Heartbreak Dream Remember to always add a little flair into your life, Heather P.S - Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Buxom Mascara Bar

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I always find myself back in Sephora or a drug store searching for mascara. I can never seem to find a perfect match. I was blessed born with short, blonde eyelashes, but what I want is the complete opposite. Isn't that the way it goes? I want long, full black lashes. Yesterday, I was in Sephora ...

Mix And Match

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I know I speak for many when I'm standing in my closet, staring at my clothes, and thinking, "I have nothing to wear." It consumes the majority of my mornings. I feel like I get bored of my clothes quickly and just want a clean slate to start over on my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I don't have ...

The 1975

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There's nothing better than discovering new music, especially when your favorite songs get overplayed on the radio. I feel like sometimes the radio can ruin songs by doing that. Every time there is a chance to listen to something that isn't on the radio, I take it and make my own "Favorite Song" playlist. My boyfriend introduced ...